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The summit of Aconcagua, the best thing I saw in my life


We want to highlight with special affection the stay in Mendoza and the Aconcagua treks. Climbing Aconcagua, for me, was something unique and unrepeatable. The guides’ professionalism and punctuality during acclimatization and the Aconcagua expedition were essential when it came to being successful. The guide went beyond his job as a guide and gave us real master classes on the area’s flora and fauna. His passion for his profession is transmitted and makes this part of the trip an absolute joy! At all times, he kept us at a relaxed pace that allowed us to enjoy the scenery and avoid any overload or muscle injury. We are also very grateful to the other two team members since they were serious people and committed to their work. We always got to the camps first and settled in the best place! The cooks were always up to the task! They delighted us with exquisite meals: their roasts, the vegetable omelettes, the “pancakes” for breakfast, the pizzas at 4,000m …. !!! He always had the oven ready and the hot plate on the table! In summary, we are pleased with the whole team and the result of our Expedition to Aconcagua !!! In Mendoza, we finished diagramming the Expedition. There he liked to share the city tour with some “gringos” of the group. All the visits were exciting, and we couldn’t be too entertained at each stop on the Expedition. Perhaps the walk to Plaza Francia is one of the trek parts that we liked the most. Initially, we started as a group of 8 people. As for the walk’s route, we liked the Plaza Argentina camp, the views, and the people’s human quality; it was outstanding.

We enjoyed the trip from Confluencia to Plaza de Mulas. Both the guide and his entire team carried out their task brilliantly and with detailed explanations of the journey’s details. Once in Plaza de Mulas, we appreciate the treaty received by all the staff. They advised us and welcomed us in the best way. We thought it was an excellent way to end the trip. We were very comfortable with all the members of our Expedition to Aconcagua and the visits to the Plaza Francia viewpoint and the summit of Cerro Bonnet. The view of the starry sky from the high-altitude camps is indescribable! The hotels included in the Expedition gave us a warm welcome and treated us very well. In summary, we are delighted with all the work, and we will surely return them with our family and friends who want to know Aconcagua.

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