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The three most popular weight loss surgery in Turkey


When exercises and diets are not adequate for losing weight, weight loss surgery comes to the rescue. Weight loss surgery is also called bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery allows for a drastic weight loss. In the bariatric surgery procedure, you need to make some changes to your digestive system. And thus, you can lose weight significantly, and you can get quick results. So, you can go to Turkey if you want to benefit from recent advances in bariatric surgery. You can get modern minimally invasive weight loss surgery such as endoscopic or laparoscopic surgery in this country.

Obesity surgery turkey or weight loss surgery in turkey are several types. But the most popular surgeries in Turkey are-

  1. Gastric bypass turkey
  2. Gastric sleeve turkey
  3. Gastric balloon turkey

In turkey, you can get proper treatment without any risk to your health at your affordable cost. This article will help you know the three most popular weight loss surgery in turkey if you desire to lose your weight through surgery.

Most popular obesity surgery in Turkey

You may hear about different types of weight loss surgery for the treatment of obesity. But Turkey’s Elazak Medical produces three most popular obesity surgery or the weight loss surgery with the latest equipment and techniques.

Gastric sleeve surgery

In recent years, gastric sleeve surgery is the most popular for patients looking for straightforward and effective procedures. In this procedure, surgeons remove some of the stomachs which produce hunger hormone. The surgeon uses a stapling device to cut the excess part of your stomach. As a result, the stomach becomes smaller, and that’s why it can’t take so much food. And you become feel full soon, and you will not eat like before.

Gastric sleeves in Turkey clinics apply laparoscopic surgery with a little healing time.

This surgical procedure offers various benign advantages, and the patients can expect to lose about 70% of their excess weight.

The operation duration is 1-3 hours, and the recovery time is two weeks.

Gastric bypass surgery

One of the first weight-loss surgeries is gastric bypass surgery. But the procedure has changed significantly since then. For two reasons, after gastric bypass surgery, weight loss happens immediately. The first one is the reduction of stomach capacity, and the second one is indigestion.

This procedure joins the upper part of the stomach to the small intestine. The purpose is to make the stomach smaller along with reducing the absorption amount. The stomach will receive food only in a small pouch made at the stomach’s upper part. Also, this pouch is joined to the small intestine. Towards the small intestine, the food will bypass over the stomach to the small pouch. So, you feel full soon. And thus you can lose weight.

With laparoscopic surgery or open surgery, the operation can occur.

You can lose 30% to 40% of excess body weight through gastric bypass surgery.

The operation duration is 2-3 hours, and the recovery time is 10-15 days.

Gastric balloon surgery

Gastric balloon surgery is a non-surgical treatment method that inserts an FDA-approved device by using only endoscopic procedures into the stomach. Using an endoscope, the surgeon inserts a grapefruit-sized balloon through your mouth in the stomach. To control the portion sizes, the inserted balloon fills with saline. It occupies some space that makes you feel full. And that’s why you will control yourself to intake more food. The balloon can be removed after six months or one year.

Among these six months or one year, you can lose 30% of your excess weight through gastric balloon surgery in Turkey.

The operation duration is 1 hour, and the recovery time is three days.

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