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Things to know about Walmart product delivery


Ordering products and groceries from online are now widespread. Walmart is an American and multinational company. They operate a chained business of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores. Walmart also provides this product delivery service to compete with its other components. But do you have a clear idea of Walmart Grocery Delivery? If not, you can go to the link and can call Walmart. Now let me explain to you about Walmart delivery and how do they work. 

What is “Walmart Grocery Delivery?”

Walmart’s grocery delivery helps you to buy your products online and get a delivery service for your shopping. In detail, suppose you have ordered something from Walmart. Then, they will collect all the items you listed. You will get a notification from this company. Or you also can call them by using “Walmart customer service contact number.” Now give your address. And they will send your products to your house. So, it sounds quite fascinating, right!

How do you get the delivery service from Walmart?

If you are trying to get home delivery, you should know the procedure first. So, here is the full process step by step. When you are new at “Walmart marketing,” You should know how to talk with someone at Walmart. It will help you to get the necessary advice from them. You also can follow all these steps for your first Walmart delivery service.

1. Open a Walmart account:

  • To know if their delivery service is available in your country or area, go to Walmart’s website. 
  • Sign up for your account at the site. You also can download Walmart app for both android and IOS. All the steps are similar in every device.
  •  Enter all your information, including credit card numbers, to create an account. 
  • Then log your Walmart account in. Now, you can use Walmart for your shopping.

2. Select your delivery service and time: 

  • When you log in to your Walmart account, you will see their defaults to grocery pickup. Switch the option to see is this service available in your locality or not. 
  • If it’s yes, click on the “Change” button in the “Pickup from” box at the top of this page. Then you will see a box on the right part of your screen. 
  • Press the “Delivery” option, and after that, click on the “add an address” button. Enter your location name and give any instructions to the driver if you need it. 
  • But, you have to pay an extra fee for this delivery service, including your ordered products’ price.

3. Do your shopping

  • Now it’s time to fill your cart! Search your item from the product category list and select them. Add all products to your cart by clicking on the “Add to cart” button.
  • After your one order, you can again scroll and pick your products. You can choose items as much as you want. 
  • After selecting products, you also can delete them from your shopping list. For this, you have to choose only the “Remove” option. 
  • Then, to check your shopping cart, click on” check out” and review the list. Now confirm your order.

Walmart is unique in its product delivery and customer service. You can get the opportunity to choose any item from their site. And they will send any product to your home. You don’t need to depend on a third party or go out from home. Also, when you first use it, you will get a fantastic advantage. Walmart provides a “15-day free trial” delivery for its new membership. So, you also can get their free home delivery service by shopping from Walmart.

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