Top 3 Escape Room Brands in California

California, the Hollywood entertainment industry’s birthplace, is also home to hundreds of Hollywood and mystery inspired escape room brands.

Escape rooms are live-action where players get locked in themed rooms for a time limit of sixty minutes.

But why would you pay to get locked in a room? Here’s the kick! As the name suggests, escape games require players to understand the room’s intricate plotline, search for hidden hints, crack codes, and puzzles to break out from the escape door! It’s almost like living an adventurous thriller movie with your family/friends as your squad!

Here are some of the best escape room brands you will find in the green state of California!

1. Escape the Room, Los Angeles

On the lookout for some thrill and adventure at escape rooms in Los Angeles? Escape the Room is your stop! The brand is rated #1 in LA and offers guests all private rooms! So, stranger-danger is one thing you don’t have to worry about!

In this branch, you will find four immersive and challenging escape rooms, each with its share of twists and turns! The Western Bank Heist is a perfect replication of the popular TV show, Money Heist, where successfully robbing a bank leads you to victory (and not jail!) Examine the well-designed rooms with their real-like props, explore maps, crack mysteries, and escape!

The brand also loves to host special events and team-building activities so that you can team your enjoyment with some bonding and socializing. So, without further ado, book your tickets and embark on an adventure at Escape the Room, LA!

2. The Ultimate Escape Rooms

The brand was established in 2016 by a family who was innocent escape enthusiasts who wanted to share their creativity with the world. Now, they have two escape rooms, one of which features some goosebump-raising horror, and the other pulls you into the world of fantasy and magic! Race against time and hack your way through with some teamwork and coordination at The Ultimate Escape Rooms! After an exciting game, you can also seal the deal with some group photo sessions holding creative props and fun name boards.

Recently, they have also released a live-video escape room so that you can play escape from the comforts of your home! All you need is the Zoom app, a virtual team of friends and family, some free time in your hands, and you are good to go!

If you are on the hunt for some Ventura Escape Rooms that guarantee sixty minutes of fun and adrenaline rushes, The Ultimate Escape Rooms is the way to go!

3. Omescape

This brand has not one but three escape room branches in the state of California. Their rooms in the Richmond location ‘Room Omega,’ ‘The Penitentiary,’ and ‘Sorcerer’s Sanctum will quench the thirsts of every adrenaline junkie! These rooms are decorated with the best lighting techniques, automated props, and the best tech like lasers tripwires for an ultimate immersive experience. The 8000+ customers that have tried their experiences are satisfied with the sophisticated complexity and great use of technology in the rooms.

The best part is, the brand offers a 3600 square feet party room with a billiards table for a relaxing after-party!

So why search for escape rooms in San Francisco when Omescape has got your back with the best overall entertainment facilities? Book your seats now!


While in an escape room, your team learns exceptional communication skills and teamwork while making some of the best memories of their life! So, what is stopping you? Try these escape rooms in California for an unforgettable experience!

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