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Top 4 Arabic And Islamic Courses


We are an online educational institute who specializes in providing courses of Arabic language, Quran as well as Islamic studies. The courses are offered by distance mode of education through Zoom or Skype.

We offer a huge variety of Quran courses, Arabic courses and Islamic studies courses. We have courses available for kids as well. You can choose your course according to your requirement. We use highly advanced teaching methods for providing knowledge to our students. All our methods are personalized to meet the demands of our customers. 

We have some of the best Online Arabic Tutors in the country who will clarify all your top doubts and provide you with in-depth knowledge on the subject. Our courses are offered at a highly affordable price. What makes our courses popular is their interactivity.

Our top courses:

Arab language course: Arabic is the official language for a lot of countries. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. That is why it is very important for all of us to learn Arabic. We have some of the best Arabic courses available for the students. These courses will help you to make a career in business, journalism, education, translation and many fields in the Middle East countries.

We follow a comprehensive syllabus which will allow you to learn everything about Arabic. You will begin with learning the Arabic alphabet. After that, you will learn how to frame a sentence. We follow a step-by-step approach in teaching you everything about Arabic. 

Quran course: Our Quran courses are perfect for anyone who wishes to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the Holy Quran. The students will get a certification by reciting the complete Quran. Our courses are taught by highly experienced officials who will give you a complete idea about the sermons and teachings of the Quran.

You will be able to partly or fully memorize the Quran at the end of the course. During each class you will get to recite a part of the Quran. We also have some of the best arabic tutorials who will provide you with proper knowledge regarding the subject

Islamic course: We provide multiple online Islamic courses on Zoom or Skype. During the course, we encourage our students to study books from Medinah University. Our online Islamic courses will help you to learn everything about the religion of Islam. Some of the important topics covered during the course are biography of the Prophet and the ideas preached by him, faith, belief, etc.

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You will also be able to get all your doubts cleared by some of our professors. The goal of this course is to give the students an idea of Islamic religion. All our courses are properly structured to give the students an idea of all the essential topics of Islamic religion.

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Courses for kids: We have different Arabic courses available for children. These courses will provide the children with a complete knowledge of the Arabic language. The teachers will teach their lesson on Zoom. The written parts are taught in an on-screen white board.

Our courses are both interactive and interesting. They are perfect for the young non-Arabic speaker who wishes to speak in fluent Arabic. Our course materials have been particularly designed for the children. At the end of the course you will get to know how to read and write Arabic. You will also be able to know everything about the Quran and its beliefs.

So, if you want to learn Arabic or Quran, you must come to us. You can visit our website and get yourself enrolled for any of the courses.

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