Top 5 most beautiful places in Bangladesh we should visit

The queen of beauty Bangladesh has some eye-catching attractions. When you go to those fantastic places, you can find a feeling of incredible peace in your mind. Tourist from all over the world flock to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful country. In this article, we are going to know the five most beautiful places in Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea-beach in the world, with 155 kilometres inalienable length. It is famous for tourism. People from all over the world come here to witness attractive, the sun rises and Sunset. There are many world-class hotels for tourists and visitors; Cox’s Bazar remains the focal point of interest for university and college alumni. Many people made a tour with their family and spend quality time in this impossibly beautiful place. Many of them take a bath on the beach.

Sajek valley

in the Sajek valley is the queen of hills. People enjoy this heavenly beauty from the skyscrapers. In the mountains of sajek, we can find the feeling of travelling in the kingdom of clouds. The small rivers that flow through mountains of sajek multiplied its beauty. It’s like a mountain shadows.

Ratargul swamp forest

Ratargul swamp forest is one of the finest freshwater forests in the world. There are different species of trees standing in the middle of the narrow river of Ratargul. You can rent a small boat and wander in these little rivers to enjoy the beauty of Ratargul. We can capture the whole view of Ratargul from the watchtower.


Everyone has to fascinate by the beauty of the daughter of the sea Kuakata. It is at Patuakhali district in Barisal division. It is 380 kilometres away from capital Dhaka. People used to go to Barisal from Dhaka by launch and then hire a bus to go to Kuakata. People can see Sunset and sunrise from here.

It also has other attractions

  • Forest of Fatra
  • Kuakata well
  • Seema Buddhist Monastery
  • Clerk colony
  • Alipore port
  • The forest of Gangamati


Bandarban is the most remote district in Bangladesh. We have to spend eight hours in the bus to reach Bandarban from capital Dhaka. Bandarban is lin Chatragram division. Many indigenous people live in Bandarban. The natural beauty of Bandarban fascinates travellers.

Sights of Bandarban district include;

  • Amiakhum Falls
  • Alikadam Cave
  • Kiachalong lake
  • Keokradong
  • Straight waterfall
  • Chimbuk hills and tribal villages
  • Tajingdong
  • Nilgiris Tourist centre
  • Sapphire
  • Rakhiang Canal; the longest canal in Bangladesh

The sights of Bangladesh, the queen of nature, are enough for self-satisfaction. When the time comes, we should go on a trip to this beautiful country.