Top 5 Most Dangerous Places To Travel In World

Travelling is an addiction for many of us. When the time comes, we go on a trip. Many of us love adventurous travelling, which often brings danger to us. While there is some risk always, we do not hesitate to choose the most beautiful places in the world to travel. Here in this article, we are going to know the world’s top 5 most dangerous places which are beautiful.

  • Hawaii Volcano tours

You can use biker hike in Volcanos, but unfortunately, volcanos can kill you. You think the most dangerous thing is to come from lava, but that’s not the case in 2007 national park service shut down the bicycle tour due to 3 deaths and various injuries within a year. The three people died because they lose control when they ride on the challenging downhill trip, but people standing on the south ground without bikes have also died. Several deaths and injuries have occurred which is known as “LAVA HAZE” or “LAVA LAZE” this LAZE is made of a combination of HCL, CO2 and H2S. If you want to visit a volcano, make a plan and be prepared.

  • valley of death

. The name of the valley can make you understand how much dangerous it could be. There exist one kind of local toxic gas which kill many birds and animals. According to “LEGENDS” in 1930 two hunters felt scattered when they saw the body of dead animals. Hearing their incident adventure seeker goes on that valley many of them never come back. Almost 80 people lost on that valley every year. You can watch this beautiful valley from a safe distance, or you can hire a helicopter

  • Yosemite half dome

Half Dome is a vast dome located on the national park in California. The dome is very much straighter and 4737 feet from the valley floor. The rescue teams found more than 100 cases every year from dehydration and much more severe issues. This dome is 15 miles high, and the last 400 feet is almost vertical, and people must use the cable to pass the trip. It’s become more dangerous if rainfalls. Rain can make the rope and roods slippery then it calls “THE DEATH SLABS”.

  • Death road

died on this The way is known as ‘DEATH ROAD” or “ROAD OF FATE” located in the youngest region of Bolivia. It was selected the world’s most dangerous road in 1995 by the enter American development bank. From 2006, 200-300 travellers died each year. It is the one-lane road and only 10 feet wide. There is no room for cars passing them each other. From November to march on rain falling time, the way becomes dangerous. Since 1998 18 cyclists have a road.

  • Snake island

This toxic snakes kingdom is 25 miles away from Sau-Paulo, Brazil’s shaft. People do not dare to go there. The Brazilian government has forbidden everyone to go there. The government has taken this decision to protect the rare species of snakes’ This is the world’s most dangerous island.

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Travel refreshes our minds. We should travel all over the world to know the unknown. The adventurous trip is much more enjoyable. Whenever we visit in dangerous places, we should be cautious in our every step and should make a proper plan for what we can do and what we can’t do. Then we could be able to make our journey safe!

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