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Top 5 Trending Hotel Management Systems in Market


Hotel management is the process of dealing with all the operational aspects of hospitality ranging from booking, housekeeping, cleaning, and record keeping to payment of salary of the employees. A few years back, all these processes were manual but now with time the many companies have created various software to make this entire process less hectic.

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Top 5 Hotel Management Software:

  1. cm: Switch.cm combines both back- office and front-desk functions in a single software. A complete system that helps in managing the hostel, hotel, or guest house. It possesses a native booking system. One can get automatic invoices and billing details with the help of Switch.cm. This software helps the management office to keep his clients happy and stay for longer period of time.
  2. Protel: Protel is one of the software which has both on- premise and cloud based management system. Various function like online booking, housekeeping, analytics, front desk, maintenance, invoicing and billing as well as reporting can all be performed through Protel.
  3. RMS Cloud: RMS cloud is used seamlessly to manage more than one property. It is a very helpful hotel management software for the hotel owners and managers. This tool makes the process of hotel management very easy and convenient. All the reservation details are easily recorded in one place. Special features of RMS are: Reservation and management of bookings, GDS integration and Dynamic pricing.
  4. Stay Flexi: Stay Flexi is a very famous PMS (Property management system).The features of Stay flexi are as follows: Extended stay bookings, Front desk Management, OTA/ GDS interaction, Housekeeping management and Vacation rentals.
  1. Airbnb: It is famous American vocational rental service provider. Airbnb not only provides tourism, home stays, lodging /boarding but also helps the hotelier to keep a track of customers and to put their dynamic prices on or off the website. This service is not only famous in America but other countries like UK and even in India People are using this service to a great extent and the very good proof to its popularity is the revenue generated in 2019 that was 470 crore USD.

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