Trading Crypto and Stocks

We started making more money in cryptos than we did in stocks. Why though because of the mass of volatility compared to the relatively small volatility in stock. This is what’s so fascinating people say oh the stock market you know listen why don’t you spend a day looking. You will think this is nothing this is nothing, but you know you have to got to start. Somewhere so i say to people well you know you know what’s your risk tolerance like what you would you know are you okay to take on a little bit of risk.

When you put money in the bank you are taking a little bit of risk the bank could go you know could go bankrupt. There’s always when you’re investing. Trading Crypto and Stocks always risk but the point is it’s this is more volatile. So, therefore that doesn’t make it riskier but your reaction to that volatility makes it riskier.

Here is an example let’s say you’re in a trade and it shoots up and you’re supposed to let it run that’s one of the two golden rules and profits run if possible. But you are like on my it’s you know it’s gone up seven percent in an hour. I don’t know what to do and you kind of you panic and you take your profit now you bank seven percent. It was the wrong thing to do because the strategy.

Your profits run what you should have done is taken a stop loss and put it into boom right underneath. It would have carried on going up you can follow it up and you could have made another seven eight nine ten percent. It would have gone down and you would have gotten your seven percent and that is that is risky.

Cryptos is goes down and for whatever reason you didn’t put a stop loss in maybe you were using an investment strategy

Tips to trading a bitcoin

It proving to yourself that you can really follow the rules and the money will come if you do that then afterwards you can start going into crypto and trading guide. So, what three to six months on here and you can start on cryptos.

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