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Tuition Center vs Private Tutor – Which One To Choose?


It is a common question that came to every parents mind is why they should spend more money in hiring private tutor or enroll their kids to tuition center if they are going to school? Aren’t the school teachers good enough to teach them?

The answer is it depends on your kids. If they are not doing well in school then a private tutor or science tuition center is must to enroll. The reason is tuition tutors are more professionals than school and they help to catch up the school lessons. It is possible that your children needs more help in studies.

The second possible reason is you want your kids to be ahead of pack. In Singapore, it is common that 80% parents ask their kids to learn Science subjects. This makes the private tutor or tuition center compulsory as science and maths subjects are hard to cover and students need more help in them. The best way is to enroll them in science or maths tuition depending on in which subject they are weak.

It totally depends on what type of service you want for your kids. In Singapore following are the common services that are external help that your children can get.

Private Tutor:

A private tutor is an individual who teaches only one person at home or a small group of students. It is not like tuition center as private tutor come to your home and teach you. It is the best way as a single teacher has complete focus on your kids and they can more focus on their studies. In classes, it is hard for a single teacher to focus on 30-40 students.

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Tuition Center:

A tuition center is a private educational center that are almost like schools but differ a little. They help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level. They differ from schools as they have less teacher-to-student ratio and can give proper time to each student. Still it is not like a private tutor as there a teacher has complete concentration on your kids only.

Enrichment Classes:

If you are looking for non-academic classes then enrichment classes are the one that you are looking for. They deal with non-academic skills including drama, art, music, dance, cooking, speech, robotics, and sports.

Study Coach:

Study coach are those individuals who teaches your children how to study and not the content of their subjects. It is not a common service.

Tuition Center & Private Tutor Pros

Private Tutor Pros

  • A private tutor can teach your kids one-to-one that means there is not distraction of other students. It is very helpful as it helps your kids to focus more on studies to get good results.
  • Private tutors teach your kids according to your schedule. It is more convenient than tuition center where you have to send your kids at fixed time.
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Tuition Center Pros 

  • In tuition centers, only highly qualified teachers are hired as they are interview before hiring.
  • Tuition centers are great in solving students problems English by skype planned and structured approach. They also allow group studies that is very beneficial for students.

Tuition Center & Private Tutor Cons

Private Tutor Cons

  • Private tutors lack expertise in multiple fields. If your kids are facing issue in different subjects then a private tutor is not good for you.
  • Your kids don’t get the study atmosphere and result into less focus on studies.

Tuition Center Cons

  • A stress level can increase in tuition center as they give own homework and tests that can result in more stress. It is good to check your kids schedule before hiring more tutors.

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