Water contamination- Understanding its Potential Threats on Human Beings 

If you are living near industrial or commercial areas, you are likely to get exposed to harmful chemicals that these units emit. They cause water, air and noise pollution. Water pollution is the most serious one because it enters our bodies immediately and infects our organs. It can only be prevented if you take some steps to stop it such as installing water purification systems. Camp Lejeune incident is one good example of how water contamination affected millions of people living in that area. From adults to children, everyone got health complications. Apart from this, several claims are filed to recover financial losses.

Pollution in the environment

It is important to learn that pollution does not happen overnight. The persistent emission of harmful chemicals and gases into the environment causes massive pollution. Various industries such as pharmaceutical, textile, construction, and engineering units make use of several man-made chemicals, which are not easy to break. They enter the groundwater, lakes, rivers and oceans and contaminate water. Since they cannot be broken down, they enter our bodies through tap water, well or public water systems. We don’t even know if we are drinking such water. After prolonged use of impure water, we start to develop health complications.

We cannot ignore the fact that harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides are used in the agriculture field. They remain in the groundwater and reach us through water supply systems. The government should be responsible for making the water safe and healthy for us to drink. One such example is PFAS and if anyone in your locality has reported its presence in the water, you should get your water tested.

Health complications due to contaminated water

There are a number of health issues that can be related to water contamination such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. However, if contamination and exposure are more than expected, a person can get severe health problems such as cancer, delayed development in the fetus, reproduction-related problems, kidney and liver problems and heart disorders. Since pure water is associated with good health of mind and body, contaminated water can hamper the body’s normal functioning and make you seriously sick. 

Hiring an experienced water contamination lawyer

If your health problems are linked to the contaminated water, you should not delay contacting a suitable lawyer. He can investigate your case and let you know if you are entitled to get compensation. With a good lawyer on your side, you can recover your financial losses.