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What are the Types of Addiction Treatment Centers?


There are only a handful of basic types of addiction treatment programs and detox centers, but thousands of combined variations of them are available. Here, you will find some brief explanations about the most common types of addiction treatment centers and which ones seem to be the most successful. You need to find an addiction treatment center that works for yourself or a loved one of yous after careful evaluation of the treatment type in question.

Inpatient Treatment

The most effective type of treatment is a long-term inpatient addiction treatment facility. While most inpatient centers run about 30 days, a long-term addiction treatment program can average around 90 days but may even be more than 12 months long.

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An inpatient treatment center may also be called a residential facility because it is where people stay in a comfortable and secure environment away from home to deal with their substance abuse and addiction-related issues. The key to it being more successful is not just the change of environment, but you should also be aware of the type of treatment that is offered at the center, what they expect the result to be and what their discharge and aftercare plans consist of.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is where the majority of people go for addiction help due to time and money considerations, but unfortunately, it is not very effective. The cravings, guilt, and depression caused by substance abuse can make it too difficult to adhere to the counseling schedule or to practice self-restraint from drugs and alcohol. Relapse rates for outpatient treatment are often very high because of this, and treatment practitioners often err by trying to prescribe more drugs to counteract those symptoms. These new drugs not only don’t permanently solve the original problem, but they also can carry very heavy side effects and possibly create a new dependency.

Biophysical Treatment

The most effective type of treatment we know is called the biophysical drug rehab center. This is a type of program that has both inpatient and outpatient treatment settings in various parts of the country and uses a unique body cleansing process that gets rid of unwanted lingering side effects that drug residues leave behind, even in other programs. This is a longer-term approach that also has an educational component that is not based on the typical 12 steps and is extremely successful compared to other types of programs. It is holistic in nature and does not prescribe any substitute drugs or medications at all but instead uses nutritional supplements and vitamin therapy.

12-Step Treatment

The twelve steps were founded in 1936 and are the most widely used methods of addiction treatment in the country today. The original intent and purpose of the recovery group were to have former addicts help other addicts become clean and sober. While it does work for some people, it has been changed and severely altered through the decades, and now most 12-step drug rehab programs think that addiction is a treatable but incurable brain disease that should include pharmaceuticals and that recovery is a life-long process where relapse is inevitable.

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