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What is evil eye jewelry?


What is evil eye jewelry? We know what it means to give someone the evil eye, but a lot of cultures for a long time all over the world.

This is one of the most ubiquitous types of superstitions among all different types of religions, and all different types of people. What is evil eye meaning? Evil eye can cause actually harm, and the evil eye was said to happen in ancient Greek and Roman times when somebody got to be. They got too much praise, too many accolades more than they really deserved, and if you’re getting more attention and more credit than you deserve that, you are in danger of being stricken down by the evil eye of the Gods.

what this would look like would be madness or disease or some sort of ill will bestowed upon you, and almost everything that was unexplained any kind of illness that they couldn’t explain was explained by the evil eye. It was greatly feared. It wasn’t just the Gods that could strike you with

the evil eye. It was also believed that other people could strike you down with the evil eye, and women were known to have more powerful evil eye than men, 

“I can tell you my mother had one”, and but also animals. Certain animals like snakes their were animals that could also give you the evil eye, so how did you ward off against it?

The way to do that was to wear evil eye jewelry, and these were in the shape of an eye, or they could be blue concentric circles. Those are especially popular in Greece. Blue is supposed to be the best color to ward off the evil eye. The idea is if you wear jewelry that has the evil eye, if somebody gives you the evil eye it will be reflected back to them, and you will be guarded, so you will find evil eye jewelry all over the world in antique jewelry, in estate jewelry, and jewelry being made today. It is one of the most popular things to find in jewelry. 

The best method to protect yourself from evil eye is wearing evil eye bracelet or necklace,there are many jewelry store which sell evil eye bracelet,high recommend umisoul,you will find there are many evil eye bracelets there for choice,you will find the one you like.hope this will help you.

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