What Parents Can Do About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying means the sharing, posting, and commenting of negative, hurtful, false, and mean content with the purpose of embarrassing or humiliating someone. Cyberbullying is done via computers, mobiles, and other such digital devices. People can be cyberbullied over texts, social media platforms, forums, online gaming, etc. Cyberbullying and الجرائم الالكترونية is especially common among teenagers who are almost always online and active on the internet. It has highly adverse effects on children. Getting bullied online shatters their confidence and self-esteem. They suffer multiple health problems including depression, loneliness, anger, anxiety. It is necessary to be on the lookout for signs of harassment and bullying that your child may be facing. You can adopt several ways to assist your child and help him deal with this problem

Listening and Seeking Council and Support

The first and foremost step in dealing with cases of online harassment, and cyberbullying, is to listen to your kids. You must parent in such a way that your child is not afraid to talk to you about his problems. After active listening, you should provide your child with the support he desires. You should consult with him about how he wants to deal with the situation. If he wants to report the case to the school or police authorities, etc. If your child is suffering from mental health issues because of frequently getting bullied, it is advisable to hire professional counsellors for him. You should provide all the possible support to your child as they struggle through this problem.

Do Not Respond

The best way to deal with cyberbullying is to not respond to hateful and harassing comments. Cases of bullying usually escalate when the victims retaliate and reply to the bullies. Bullies mock their victims, even more, when they respond. Most matters usually die out if the targeted person ignores it and doesn’t give attention to the bullies.

Report to School and Police

You should first discuss with your child if he would like the matter to be reported to authorities. Instead of responding by yourself, it is wise to involve the authorities so they can get rid of the problem from the root. If the bully is someone from your child’s school, the school should be involved. This is because the school staff can take appropriate steps against the bully. Punishments might solve the problem temporarily but have a severe impact in the long run. Schools should handle the matter efficiently by providing proper counselling to the bully so he shaves of these habits from his personality. If the bullying involves extreme threats, the matter should be handled by the police. You can also find امن المعلومات online.