When Should You Hire Dredging Services?

Much like a living organism, lakes and ponds are born and age. Many factors like nutrient loading can affect the length of a waterbody’s existence, but the lifespan is ultimately considered complete when sediment builds up to the point that it can no longer retain water. While this is the eventual fate of every lake and pond, proactive dredging lake management strategies like nutrient remediation, aeration, buffer management and hydro-raking can help prolong the lifespan of the waterbody for many years.

Using the latest technologies we can dredge to precise elevations while maximizing production and minimizing total water volumes.  We will manage large amounts of debris, effectively remove residuals, and surpass cleanup expectations.

Hydraulic dredging is a way to remove muck and sand by pumping 2000 gallons per minute of water and sediment slurry to a sediment pond. Hydraulic dredging is one of the most cost-effective method of dredging and offers the lowest environmental impact. Hydraulic dredging (cutter head suction dredging) is best suited for removal of muck and bottom sediments in a pond or lake where conventional excavators cannot reach. The compact size of our dredging equipment allows us to work in areas like small canals, where larger equipment is not suitable. Hydraulic dredging requires the construction of a sediment pond where we place the spoils from the dredging operation and we return clean water from the sediment pond to the original water body.

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Our fleet of hydraulic dredges can remove solids from the bottom of a channel, pond or lagoon without disrupting the surface water or the need to remove the surface water. The cutter head can dive 20 feet deep, and the pumps are capable of pumping solids, sand, small rocks, silt, and more. Check out our pictures and give us a call for a quote about our dredging services!

– Increase volume and depths to 15ft or more

– Remove nutrient-heavy sediments

– Eradicate deep-rooted plants and debris

– Clear selective areas such as beaches, docks and boating lanes

– Restore stormwater detention capacity and increase flow in channels

– Dispose of contaminated sediment and wastewater

– Reset the lifespan of a waterbody

When sediment compromises the original depth and quality of a waterbody, dredging may be the natural solution. Thanks to our combination of hydraulic and mechanical pond dredging options, Pump and Slurry Services can handle projects of any size and scope—even under the most challenging circumstances.

Our dredging projects start with a carefully thought out design that incorporates the dredge method, material management, and remediation and mitigation measures to meet client needs. We bring experience with dredge and marine construction efforts at Navy and Port dock operations involving:

Some areas of expertise include:

– Marina dredging

– Under slip dredging

– Harbor dredging

– Channel dredging and maintenance

– Shallow water dredging

– Beach replenishment and beach nourishment

– Sensitive habitat restoration and dredging

– Offshore disposal

– Upland disposal

– Contaminated soils dredging

– Sediment removal

– And much more

Ponds can be difficult to maintain. They are generally not chlorinated like pools, and nature is allowed to flourish. However, over time a layer of sediment, algae, and other detritus will collect at the bottom of the pond, which can disturb the pond’s balance and give it a less desirable look.

Factors that will determined project cost:

– Amount of material = sq ft x depth of desired silt = cb yds

– Distance to silt holding area = amount of discharge pipe

– Project Location – easy or isolated

– Soil Types – organic, clay, sand

– Debris in water = rocks, trees, stumps

– Equipment & personnel required = size of dredger

– Silt containment method – soil berms or Geotubes

– Dredge work done nationwide

When it comes to excavating waterways such as ponds, rivers, and intake channels, our dredging services provide the necessary means for a variety of projects. We have the equipment, capability, and personnel required to meet all of our client’s needs.

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