Who Is Liable To Pay For Your Medical Bills In A Truck Accident?

When someone is seriously injured in a truck accident, the first question they think of is, “who is going to pay for their medical bills?” Injured victims often walk away with severe and life-changing injuries. In contrast, the victim should not be held accountable for paying bills for someone else’s fault. Most truck collision cases are complicated; therefore, the victim should contact an Albuquerque truck accident lawyer to protect their rights and ensure maximum compensation.¬†

Who is held accountable for paying your medical bills in a truck accident?

The victim and their family often wonder how to get money for paying medical bills after the accident. While truck accidents are different and more complex than typical car accidents, the liability depends on the following factors.

  • Loading or Cargo company

In some cases, accidents occur when the cargo company improperly loaded the cargo, causing the truck to be unevenly distributed and overweight to tip over while driving. Some cargo companies do not secure the drop boxes, which causes tremendous injuries. The drop boxes and equipment can fall off the truck and cause hazards on the road. The cargo company is held liable for paying damages to the victim (s) in this situation.

  • The truck driver

Truck drivers are the most prominent choice to hold liable as they are directly involved in the accident. Most truck accidents end with catastrophic injuries caused by the negligent driver and driving dangerously. There are many reasons for a truck driver to drive negligently, which leads to an accident. Visit here rapidshare and Click here viewster

  • Overspeeding
  • Impaired driving
  • Aggressive driver
  • Distracted while driving
  • Taking sleeping aids before driving
  • Overloaded trucks¬†

If this is the case, the truck driver should be held responsible for paying all the damages to the victim(s) caused by accident.

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  • The truck company

Even if the driver has caused the accident, the truck company that employs the driver should also be held legally accountable for paying all the damages caused by accident. The main reason for which the truck company is held responsible for paying the damages is due to a profit-over safety environment. Many truck companies set up unworkable schedules to transport goods. It also violates the law regulating the number of hours an employee can work after a break. As a result, the driver feels exhausted and often cannot drive properly.

  • The manufacturer of the truck

It might also happen if the manufacturer provided a defective truck or components that caused the accident. It can be slight problems in tires, brakes, or the engine that drove the truck to malfunction.

While you can directly go after the person who caused the accident, your insurance company will also compensate some damages. You can also contact a truck injury lawyer who can hold the company liable for paying the victim’s damages.

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