Krono Polo is an emerging brand specializing in polo items, with a vision of expanding its portfolio to other business areas in other sports, this lets us see through highlights or articles that are added month by month to the Krono collections. For now, it has a wide range of items ranging from protective equipment required in polo, to divers, t-shirts and accessories; all with strong and clear inspiration from horses and polo lifestyle.

The history of the brand dates back to the beginning of 2019, date in which its founder Camila Mejía Posada found a business model already in existence since 2017 that seemed interesting, until that moment the efforts focused on producing sports watches for players of polo, https://www.kronopolo.com/ was the name by which these accessories were known; Hence Camila decided to make an extension called Krono Polo, as it is known today.

Camila Mejía, who is a fashion designer at Istituto Marangoni, had already gained experience working with great designers in different ateliers in Europe; Even so, she, Camila, was seduced by the sports and polo world, which is why she turned her efforts to produce a line of articles for this sport.

Timidly she began developing polo gloves, in the first months of 2019 Camila began to create gloves looking for differentiators from those that could already be found in the market, with her knowledge in design and fashion she designed a piece from scratch that would allow her to get to know and loving this sport. The positive results were arriving, and that was the impetus to expand its business model to all areas of the pole. Today it has a 360-degree polo-oriented portfolio, being able to find in Krono Polo, all the necessary items not only to play it but also to maintain the essence of polo at any time and in any place.

Now, it can be a bit difficult to understand how Camila would change the catwalks of Milan and Paris, or the fashion week of New York and London to dedicate herself to designing for players and polo lovers, most of whom are not passionate about it. world of haute couture, and fashion is not necessarily a constant priority in the lives of these people.

Well, Camila Mejía was born in Colombia and lived her childhood on the outskirts of Medellín, the industrial capital of the country, a city that also has a strong culture of horses and livestock, then she would move to England seeking to strengthen the English language and their life would lead her to work with designers like Victoria Beckham and in stores like Harrods. The love for horses was born from her childhood, she grew up surrounded by them and felt at ease among them, at one point in her life (perhaps in adolescence) perhaps she believed that she could end up working on something related to these animals … that opportunity it would come years later from the hand of polo.

Camila has found in polo the way to unite her two passions: fashion and horses, that is why, even living the experience of traveling the world between editorials and catwalks, today she does it by visiting polo clubs and stables; perhaps, with a more uncomplicated and spontaneous outfit, without meaning to say that since she founded the brand she has never worn high heels again; On the contrary, it shows us the versatility of a woman who has found in Krono Polo the balance to live a life full of nuances and different flavors.

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