Why are midrange phones getting more popular?

It is a sad truth that flagship-grade smartphones are getting more and more expensive day by day. So it has become quite difficult for an average consumer to buy one. But on the other hand, the midrange category phones are getting a lot better and have an excellent price to performance ratio. So in these present days, it makes more sense to buy a mid-range phone rather than a flagship phone.

Famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee posted a tweet in his twitter account about the midrange phones. He said, “Cheap phones are getting better, and good phones are getting cheap”.

Now we are going to discuss why the midrange phones are getting more and more popular compare to the flagship phones.

1.Mid-range phones offer a complete package

Flagship device has all the components flagship level. Like the processor, camera, ram all things, things are flagship level.

But the midrange phones are also capable of doing most the work at ease. Normal day to day task like browsing chatting watching a video and other daily works can be easily done by midrange phones. One of the advantages of mid-ranger is it has a MicroSD card slot and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Mid ranger phones have some features like flagship devices like quad-camera AMOLED screen higher refresh rate etc.

2.Premium design

Midrange phones are getting better and better in the design category. Now a good midrange phone looks and feels like flagship phones. The material has become more premium, and it feels good in the hand.

The latest demanding design like higher refresh rate, teardrop, punch hole, popout camera and many other exciting features have come to mid-range devices in a reasonable price range.

3.Mid range cameras are getting better

In the past, the difference between the flagship and the midrange was very. Nowadays, the gap has become much smaller. The midranges are getting better, and the flagships are getting more expensive.

The camera module is the same in the new mid-range phones.in daylight, midrange phones take shot as good as a thousand-dollar flagship. The difference is seen in the low light. But some midrange also capable of taking great shots in low light.

Aa great example of great mid-ranger is pixel 3a. It is a great mid-range phone with an excellent flagship camera. Some of its photo easily beat some of the flagship cameras.

4.Active community

Mid-range costs about half the price of a flagship phone. So people can easily get a mid-range phone to instate of buying a flagship phone. In the poor or country the people cant effort to have 1000 dollar to buy a phone simply. So they rely on midrange phones, and so the user base becomes more than the flagship user base.

5. Midrange smartphones do not break the bank

This is the most obvious reasons to buy a midrange instant of a flagship device. For most consumer 1000 dollar is a lot of money and compare with the midrange devices flagship devices are not value for money.

Midrange devices provide all the necessary things that a user need. So people always choose midrange device over a flagship device. Ordinary people won’t find a difference between a 500 dollar phone and 1000 dollar phones. So it’s a win-win situation for the consumer and midrange companies.

Some flagship offers excellent customer care and excellent software experience. Some people also prefer the best available.

But for most people, the midrange phones are a great choice. They get all they want from a mid-range phone. Midrange phones are getting better and better.

Either way, it always depends on the consumer which one to buy or not.