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Why Creatine Is The Best Athletic Performance Booster


Creatine is one of the supplements that health experts recommend for increasing athletic performance in the gym. Studies show that taking such supplements help you to increase athletic performance by improving muscle strength and mass. There are various other health benefits of using such kinds of supplements for protecting against various neurological diseases and improving mental health. Some people believe that creatine is unsafe and consists of some of your side effects but there is not found any evidence that supports this theory. In fact it is one of the world’s most tested supplements that replicates outstanding safety profile. Here are some other things you should know about creatine.

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Know About Creatine:

Creatine is a naturally produced substance in the body that produces the cells naturally. It helps muscles to produce a good amount of energy to support your intense workout for the short time. Taking creatine as a supplement is quite common among popular athletes, bodybuilders, and professional fitness enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goal. It shares many similarities with amino acids like argline and glycine. 95% of creatine in our body is stored as phosphocreatine in our muscles and rest 5% you can find it in the liver, Kidneys, and brain. 

How Creatine Helps in Muscle gaining: 

Creatine impacts our muscles and helps us in several ways. There are some ways of gaining muscles by using the supplement.

  • Minimizes myostatin levels:  If  Protein myostatin levels increase in the body, there will be a slow growth of making new muscles. If we supplement our body with creatine,  it helps to reduce these levels and increase your muscles potential development. 
  • Enhances cell hydration: By using creatine helps the body increase ]the water content in the muscle and cells.  That helps to volumize the muscles that plays an important role in muscles growth and strengthening.
  • Boost Endurance:  While doing intense training, there is a time when you lose your strength and energy. Taking creatine helps you strengthen your training session and support your weightlifting. Along with that it helps repair your muscles that increases endurance which is required for muscle growth. 
  • Limits protein breakdown: Increase total muscle mass and reduce muscle breakdown with creatine. By limiting the protein breakdown, it helps to reduce muscle breakdown. It improves oxygen flow in your bloodstream. With the better flow of the nutrients in the muscles will naturally develop your muscles. Anabolic hormones will be increased that are responsible for improving your athletic performance.

Creatine does not only help your athletic performance but also help your mental health. It is proven in studies that creatine helps in improving some mental medical conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, brain or spinal cord injuries, improves memory, and brain functions, Parkinson’s diseases, ischemic stroke, and Huntington diseases and many more. Along with that it helps in treating non alcoholic fatty liver issues and enhances blood sugar levels. There are various creatine supplements in the market to choose wisely but take the supplement only after the consultation of a health expert. 

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