Why is kitesurfing in Egypt cool?

Actually, you can ask ten different people what kiting gives them and you will hear all kinds of answers! For some, this is a way to escape from working everyday life and mundane routine, plunging into a bright world of emotions. For the second, kitesurf is a cool sport that makes the body fit and agile. For others, it is the real meaning of life. And for the fourth, it is the cool opportunity to find a company of like-minded people with whom you can ride and travel around the world.

However, kitesurf gives all these people the most precious thing that money cannot buy, that is a feeling of freedom and flight, the delight of a discoverer and conqueror of the elements.

The kite school in Egypt offers the coolest conditions for kitesurfing and learning. Here you can choose kite spots with good weather conditions.

In the kite school in Egypt, you can find a wide range of equipment for rent, storage space, and compressors. Schools also provide opportunities for drying and desalination of things (sometimes equipment is spoiled by saltwater).

Other amenities can be found:

  • Showers;
  • Coolers with drinking water;
  • Coffee makers;
  • Refrigerators for storing food and drinks;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Trampolines and children’s areas;
  • Massage rooms;
  • Snack, rest, and relaxation area.

Here riders are sensitive to their equipment, rightfully considering the kite as a true friend. And the word “like” is not enough to convey the feelings that arise for this sport. Half joking, half serious, kiters call themselves “wind addicted.” They are ready to get up early in the morning, go for a few hours to a distant shore, wait half a day on the shore when the wind blows – that’s all, for the sake of happiness, ride, ride and ride again!

Riding a kite means always being in the spotlight. One of the most beautiful sports also provides aesthetic pleasure. You can enjoy the bright, multi-colored sails against the backdrop of blue skies and turquoise waters.

Unlike a windsurf sail, the kite has a large area and is much more visible from the shore. And trust us, this kind of focus will help you succeed in the art of kitesurfing. After all, how cool it is to approach on a kite almost to the sand itself, perform a spectacular trick, and, pouring splashes on the audience, quickly rush into the distance. Designer wetsuits, stylish glasses, and gloves, tight lycra T-shirts seem to be created to make you feel like a real fashionista. You will love looking pretty.

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