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Why Seek Immediate Medical Attention after a Car Accident in Philadelphia, PA


After a car collision, your mind races and you may not control your thoughts. You might be worried about the possible damage to your car, who should be held liable, and whether you must call the police. As you evaluate the accident, you must pay attention to your condition. Do you have visible injuries like burns, lacerations, bleeding, broken bones, or swelling? Even if you feel fine after a crash, this kind of accident usually causes concussions, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. However, you may not feel any symptoms. 

This is because the initial adrenaline rush will mask your pain and other symptoms. Unfortunately, if you don’t seek immediate medical treatment because you think you are okay, this can put your health in danger and negatively affect your personal injury claim. To ensure you don’t compromise your possible claim for compensation, get advice and assistance from Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. Keep reading to know how adrenaline impacts your body following a vehicle collision.

What to Expect During Adrenaline Rush?

When your body suddenly experiences physiological or emotional trauma, a series of chemical reactions is stimulated including a feeling of panic and worry. This response occurs when your body produces biochemical hormones called adrenaline and activation endorphins. Such hormones redirect the resources of your body to prepare you for major crises. As a result, you may experience rapid heart rate, heightened oxygen to your muscles, increased blood flow, and elevated awareness. 

Adrenaline warns your body of these demands or threats, temporarily blocking out pain. Because of this, you may dismiss how you feel, resulting in further issues when severe injuries are left undetected and untreated. 

Getting Medical Care Following an Accident

When you understand the way your body reacts to stress and how adrenaline works, you can recognize why you should get immediate medical care after a vehicular accident. By getting yourself fully checked by a doctor, any invisible injuries that haven’t been known because of the automatic response of your body will be determined. A medical provider can give you the right diagnosis, treatment plan, and expected impacts and challenges you may need to deal with because of your injuries. 

Additionally, your personal injury lawyer can use your medical documentation and the recommendations of your treating physician to protect your right to compensation. Not getting prompt treatment will make it even harder to link your injuries to the crash, offering the at-fault party’s insurer a reason to dispute liability.  

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