Why Should You Seek the Help of a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Being diagnosed with a disability can be physically and emotionally draining. Unfortunately, this can be a financial drain for many people. A person may lose the ability to work and be unsure how to support himself. The good news is that government programs have been established as a social safety net for these people. Unfortunately, the application process for this program can be confusing and challenging.

If your health condition affects your quality of life and your ability to work, you may be entitled to social security benefits. But which program is right for you, and how successful have you been trying to find your way around the application system? You may be wondering, “Do you need a social security attorney?” If you belong to Tucson, An experienced tucson social security disability attorney can be critical during this time and help you avoid unnecessary delays and denials.

Reasons for Seeking Help From a Social Security Disability Attorney  in Tucson

1. You Can Know Whether You Are Eligible to Get the Benefits or Not

It can sometimes be confusing to determine which benefit options you might qualify for. There is Social Security Disability Benefit or SSDI and Additional Insurance Income or SSI. Both benefits have strict application requirements, and depending on your income level and work history, you may be able to apply to one or both programs.

Applying for the wrong benefits program can waste your valuable time and result in your application being rejected. An experienced social security attorney can sit down with you and review your situation. Based on your information, an attorney can determine which benefit plan you are eligible for by subtracting assumptions from the process.

2. Attorney Will Help You Fill up the Application in a Proper Way.

Applying for social benefits can be challenging. The application process is lengthy and requires the submission of many medical records and other essential documents to prove your entitlement to benefits. Gathering these records can be tedious and frustrating, not to mention the time it takes to complete the comprehensive application. 

Your initial application for benefits is based on the information you provide in and with your application, so you must meet it carefully. Contacting an experienced social security attorney is one way to relieve stress and get help filing your initial application. A lawyer who has worked extensively in this field knows what the government is looking for in medical records.

3. The Attorneys Will Collect Evidence with Proper Medical Proof

You can have good days and bad days when you have a severe medical condition. If your treatment plan changes or your health begins to deteriorate, this is essential information that should be passed on to the Social Security Administration. However, it may not be easy to contact the administration to provide them with this timely and necessary information.

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