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Benefits of the Centrify Platform


The Centrify platform offers cloud-based and integrated software solutions that centrally manage access to mobile devices, cross-platform systems, and applications. It leverages Microsoft Active Directory and other centralized systems to consolidate identity, privilege, and security policies for all users and applications. With these features, businesses can optimize security, reduce IT costs, strengthen compliance, and meet compliance requirements. To learn more, visit the Centrify website. We hope that you will find the Centrify service useful and will consider its benefits for your organization.

The Centrify platform enables enterprises to embrace digital transformation at scale and implement secure, automated, and future-proof data security. Its modern design allows human and machine identities to seamlessly log in and out of systems. The platform provides least privilege just-in-time security for employees and reduces administrative access risks. It enables organizations to secure data and applications while reducing the costs of security management. With this advanced platform, organizations can easily and effectively secure their critical applications and services.

The unique organizational structures of organizations can be reflected by the Centrify architecture. The Zones are hierarchical and feature computer-based and role-based delegation. One example of such a delegation is web server, which combines relevant computers across all Zones. This role is associated with a web developer, who has access to all Zones, but cannot access other systems. This feature helps enterprises reduce costs, improve agility, and secure their data, while improving security.

With Centrify, organizations can implement and use unified identity infrastructure and services to increase security and agility. Its flexible platform leverages existing identity infrastructure and enables companies to centrally manage authentication, access control, privilege management, and policy enforcement. More than 4,500 customers have deployed the platform, resulting in greater security and agility. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and has regional offices in Seattle. Its services are used to secure a variety of environments, including cloud and on-premises.

With Centrify, organizations can secure super user and application accounts by leveraging existing identity infrastructure. The platform can be used to secure communication between containers, microservices, and apps. And because it is centralized and cloud-based, users can access resources without using a VPN. The software provides native SSH and RDP clients for Linux and Windows and also supports web-based SSH access for Linux and Windows. When working with the Centrify PAS, users can securely login from anywhere.

The Centrify connectors can be located in the DMZ or on a private network. They don’t need to be publicly facing. They can be installed behind a proxy server and configured to work in a private network. The MFA integration feature can be enabled on any server, but the MFA requirement requires outbound internet access and a mutually authenticated port. The MFA connector must be configured to provide a secure connection between servers and the cloud.

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