Get the Inside Scoop When Booking Rooms for A Group

It’s pretty clear that, although progress is being made, we’re a long way from saying “hasta la vista,” to COVID. While business and leisure travel are coming back quickly, people still have serious questions about safety and security when choosing a destination. It’s hard to find reliable, thorough data that gives a clear picture of what the actual conditions are in different cities. It’s important to look for objective, data backed recommendations to find open, safe, destination values, especially when you’re responsible for booking for an entire group.

It seems like every hotel booking website is full of hotel “beauty shots” that make every hotel look like a 5-star resort. What you really need is reliable, comprehensive destination reports that give a complete picture of different cities and what you need to know before you book.

Vindow Software is an online travel platform specially designed for group travel, when you need to contract a block of rooms. They have thorough destination profiles for key cities around the world in order to answer many of these questions. They’ve partnered with GeoSure Solutions to offer their online safety rating system, as well. Their proprietary GeoScore is a hyper-micro safety report on individual hotels around the globe. Their safety scores include detailed safety information for every hotel in their database according to specific criteria, like crime statistics and safety ratings. They even have scores to show how safe a neighborhood is for vulnerable travelers, like women or LGBTQ+ individuals.

Don’t just “look and book.” Know BEFORE you go and enjoy safer travels.