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More than half of the World’s Population is Driving Social Media Platforms


Social media refers to those portals which allow users to interact with the rest of the world by sharing thoughts, career prospects, information, etc. In the present business world, social media platforms are participating vastly by their numerous facilities and privileges. The portals are now the highest possible tool for marketers. In our daily routine, over the social websites, we experience Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok likes and comments. These likes and comments refer to the reaction, impression, ones’ thoughts etc. According to a study report, the population of the world is around 7.8 billion; and, above four and half billion are social media platforms. Hence, we can understand the impact of social media on virtual life.

Today’s Business Correlates Social Networking Privileges

Social media platforms aimed to catch all users who wanted to interact with the rest of the world virtually. Some individuals could not build any communication since there is an expense behind this. Nonetheless, in the present age, businesses are using social media platforms to hook up potential clients and customers. The advantages which the business firms are currently taking are,

1. Spreading Awareness about the Firms

Marketers are using social media platforms to make users learn about the products and services. Since more than 60% of the world’s population is using social sites; the products’ information can reach through the portals. We can experience many business pages are posting about themselves and services. Social media is now a part of life to humankind, and posting about the business are more likely to be seen on social media platforms than other channels like television, radio. Hence, the rate of brand awareness goes high rapidly.

2. Few Penny for Plenty

The internet has come quite friendly and budget efficient. It takes less than 10 dollars to use the internet service monthly and joining the most popular social media portals is entirely free. But, when a page promotes their posts, it costs pennies. Since the internet cost is quite budget-friendly, the cost of using social media platforms become efficient as well. If a business firm spends around 100 dollars, they may get a bunch of potential viewers which can lead to vast popularity within a short period.

3. Users’ Convenience

Social media platforms have spread the wings so widely that people are getting more into it day by day. People are using to seek for anything on the platform’s search engines where reviews are available as well. Communicating to the suppliers or sellers through social media websites is more manageable than communicating through the official websites. Hence, customers are more interested in connecting themselves through social media. Another vital fact, it is complicated to search the prime official websites on the general search engine (Google). Hence the business pages can attach the official website links with the information on a social platform. This link will redirect the customers to the main page.

One has Utter Solution for All.

Business requires a significant amount of marketing. And, in this last decade, one of the social networking sites has shown an astounding result, that is TikTok. It has given the authority to users to post video content. By posting the contents, users can brand themselves.

A marketer needs a brand and product awareness. When a TikTok user with a thousand followers posts a clip, around six to seven hundred viewers are viewing the content. The viewers also notice the environment, attires and other elements. When a marketer hires one of the popular TikTok users, they are promoting and showcasing their products through that personage. And the ultimate result is vast numbers of people are coming to know about the products.

Eventually, we can conclude that social media has offered a tremendous revolutionary specification to business firms around the world.

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