Slots Wagering Requirements Explained and Calculated

Whilst slots games were initially the most simple games in the casino, they have evolved a great deal over time and are now some of the most complicated games to play, although we often don’t realise this.

With more choices than ever and more bonus features than ever, the advancements in the slots game world have been nothing but advantageous for the slot gamers of the world. This, combined with the ease and convenience of being able to play online from absolutely any location we desire, has seen a huge dramatic increase in the popularity of slot games online overall. But there are a couple of things that we all need to get straight before we continue with our love for slots. 

What is a Slots Wagering Requirement?

To make this as simple as we possibly can, a slots wagering requirement is a very technical way of indicating the amount of money we are wanting to place as a bet. In relation to playing slots game, this is negotiated by each spin of the reel, but a wagering requirement of one kind or other is required in absolutely every casino game, like Roulette and Poker.

The slots wagering requirement has a more common term and this is a “stake”, although there are lots of other ways in which it is described, they all mean the same thing. This whole concept seems rather simple and probably should be, but there are different types of wagering requirements. For people playing slots online, the most common is that of the slow wager requirement and this starts to get a little more complex. 

Drawn in by Slow Wagers

Online casinos want to increase their footfall as much as they can, as quickly as they can. They want to do this so that they can reduce the number of players straying away from their site and heading to the sites of their competitors where they may choose to spend their money instead. To entice players to their site, they offer incredible welcome offers such as £100 cashback and 25 free spins. This seems really exciting and like we could be on to a winner before we have even started spinning those reels and we just sign up to the site. We don’t tend to think about things any deeper any many of us fail to read the small print. Those this is not uncommon, it is a big mistake, because actually, as freeing as this welcome offer initially seems, it is actually rather tying and sadly, very limiting!

Why is this the case, we hear you ask? Well, yes you are gaining something for “free” but you are also going to be stopped from withdrawing your bonus money which you may win whilst you are playing on slots games with free cash or free spins. To be able to withdraw your credit, you need to be able to match up to certain criteria which the majority of players will not meet. The biggest threat to not being able to withdraw your winnings is when you are not betting with large enough wagers. Doesn’t sound that difficult when we put it in these terms, but actually, it can be, and often is, rather complex to try and decipher. 

Calculating your Slots Wager

Basic maths is the key, although we rarely use this anymore as we rely so much on technology, but think back to those school days and we know you are more than capable of figuring out to calculate your slots wager so that you can withdraw your winnings. Giving you an example may make this easier to understand though, and you will immediately see exactly what we are trying to explain.

You are interested in an online casino which is offering you a bonus of £50 and it states that the wagering requirement is 5x. What you need to do is a simple multiplication to figure out how to get your hands on the bonus. So, multiply 50 by 5, equalling 250, and then you can translate it into a financial form. That’s the really easy bit; just add a pound sign! So now you know the amount you need to wager so that you can get your hands on your bonus of £250. 

Why Do Wagering Requirements Exist?

To the average, law-abiding citizen, wagering requirements for slots games do seem somewhat unnecessary and many players are left thinking that they are being scammed by the online casinos. But actually, the concept of wagering requirements is completely out of the control of the online casinos, and interestingly, is actually a legal requirement.

This is because the not so law-abiding citizens could use slots gaming as a way to launder money if there was no slots wagering requirement, which, done enough, would soon decrease the power of the pound. We all want clean and legal money, so instead of being frustrated by wagering requirements when playing slots, see it as a way of being kept safe without even realising it! 

How to get the best out of your Wager?

Before you decide to play on a specific online casino, even before you sign up or register, you should do some research.  No, we aren’t saying you need to spend months doing it, but making some comparisons between the different wagering requirements now that you know exactly what you are looking at will have a huge impact on your experience. There is nothing more frustrating than having a sizeable win on a welcome bonus and being really excited about it, dreaming of what you are going to do with your winnings, and then not be able to withdraw your funds.

Though wagering requirements are in place on all online casinos as a way of staying safe and protected, they can be a source of frustration for many players, especially when you are unaware of them or their reason for existing. Do your research, make comparisons, undertake some mental arithmetic and play till your heart is content!