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Voltaic Editions of Indoor Games in Modern Era


Entertainment refers to the activities which refresh humans’ minds and provides the heavenly feelings of amusements. If we have a look at the history of human evolutionary steps and changes, we must find a variety of entertainment. Some from that pack are, indoor-outdoor games, drama, hanging out with colleagues and many more. Let’s talk about games; there are several sports and games which have evaluated with significant histories. The most popular outdoor sports of the present time are cricket, football, baseball, fishing, running, biking etc. Cricket, football, fishing were always at the top of the favourite list in the past. And these are still at the same place. Nonetheless, outdoor games require a proper place to play and the arrival of indoor games occurred.

When there was no electricity, people used to play various indoor games like card games, cheese, ludo, monopoly, pachisi etc. The modern technology has turned these games into new editions. And, today to play these indoor games, we require electronic devices to play. These devices have become much popular that we can purchase from various online store like Retrolio games. In one online store, we can find many gaming devices, from the begging to the present. And the most popular devices for gaming are,

1. Nintendo

A Japanese corporation named Nintendo Co. Ltd has offered plenty of devices from the last century. The birth year of this company is 1889. In the beginning, this company only sold handcrafted playing cards. Now this company has several subsidiaries around the world. Presently, they are offering a variety of gaming devices. And the most popular gaming devices are,

  1. Nintendo NES: 8 bit, third generation, two consoles, and desk held device.
  2. Super Nintendo: 16 bit, two consoles, and desk held device.
  3. Nintendo Gamecube: Sixth Generation, desk held device, four consolers.
  4. Nintendo Wii: It is a motion-controlled consoling device, not for traditional gamers.
  5. Gameboy: it is a Handheld device, 8-bit, for a single user.
  6. Nintendo 3DS: Double display (one has skin touch facility), the 3D effect is available, for single-user and handheld device, ideal for kids.
  7. Nintendo Switch: A hybrid console, both handheld and desk held.

2. PlayStation

Sony had introduced the digital amusement through PlayStation (PS) by the subsidiary Sony Interactive Entertainments. Though the headquarter of PS is in the United States, the origin country is Japan. And the birth year is 1994. There are several editions of this PS, and they are,

  1. PlayStation 1: a household gaming device, 32-bit, runs on compact disc, rare item nowadays, two consoles.
  2. PlayStation 2: Founded in 2000 for the first time, home gaming device, gained immense popularity, two consolers with dual shock, two USB ports, 64 bits, 32 MB RAM,
  3. PlayStation 3: 256 MB RAM, 3.2 GHz Cell Board, the first release in 2007, wireless consolers with dual shock system, and runs on compact disc.
  4. PlayStation 4: Eighth Generation, home gaming device, wireless consoler, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB – 1 TB storage, USB port, Supports external storage, Magnificent playback (4k resolution).

3. Xbox

Microsoft has speared its wings on many sectors, and for the entertaining sector, it introduced the Xbox in 2001. There are three editions of Xbox,

  1. Xbox One: Third Generation, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB Flash Memory, 500 GB Storage, supports Kinect motion control, USB 3.0 (3 ports), supports mouse and keyboard.
  2. Original Xbox: 64 MB SDRAM, 8 GB HDD, Wired controller, four controller ports, vibration available, supports Ethernet.
  3. Xbox 360: 512 MB RAM, 250 GB HDD, convenient weight, four ports for USB 2.0, Ethernet available.

Thus are the most popular electronic gaming devices available in the spot market and over the online stores.

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