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Android video making tools that are alternative to Videoscribe


Whiteboard animation videos are one of the newest video creating concepts. This type of video has become available only in 2009. Before this, no one knows about this Whiteboard Animation videos. Videoscribe is in the leading role in creating this type of video. This software is one of the best quality animation makers in the DIY video-making industry.

But Videoscribe is limited to whiteboard styles of animation videos. But you can’t be satisfied with only a video making idea. Many people like you also want to know about some animation video making software that can give them more features. Do you want to know about the top 4 android tools that can be an alternative to Videosribe? Then read this article carefully and try them out.

1. Mango Animation Maker:

Do you want to know what would be the best Videoscribe alternative for android? Then “Mango animation maker” is the best suggestion for you. It also provides every feature that you need. You can make every type and every style of videos. You can get their service lifetime by paying for once. If you have this, you don’t need any other app. This tool also has a free version. You will get five free screens forever in Mango animation Maker. So, you can start your practice with this best tool.

2. Ziteboard: 

This app is similar to Videoscribe because this tool also only works for whiteboard animated videos. This app is perfect for visually discussing the topics, collaborating images. If you want to make an explaining video, then you can try this. It can make videos simple, clean, and easy to understand. It is mainly for teachers and motivators. Learners can get the point straight because it focuses on the main topic. But if you want variety, then you should pick another.

3. Showcase workshop:

Showcase workshop is best at making presentation videos. This app will allow you to share your content with your teammates if they use this too. Exhibition presentation has to add PDF files, documents, or links sometimes. You can include them easily from your file by this app. This tool will make your project a more professional look and well-designed. If you don’t have any personal computer, then you can use this instead of using PowerPoint.

4. Stickdraw:

Stickdraw is very user-friendly and has a simple interface. You can draw a picture or animation with your finger. So if you have only one smartphone, then you can try this app. This software is free to use. So you have no budget for making videos, then try this app. You will also get multiple graphics, rectangles, circles, free-shape, and many more. This app can provide free GIF and MP4. There are many options even you can copy and paste any command too, so if you are a newbie and don’t need to do a high-quality project. Then you can practice with this app.


No objection; Videoscribe is best at its work. But its video making method is limited. You can only create here whiteboard animation videos. But DIY video making world is massive, and it’s becoming larger day by day. You can make infographics, motion graphics, and typography, including whiteboard animation videos. So, if you want to work with vast video making styles, you should find a better tool than Videosribe. First of all, think about what types of work you have to do. And how much is it essential for you? Here is some cool video making tool that can improve your work. Now make a plan and pick, which is perfect for you.

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