Inshot Video Editor: All in one shot.

Imagine you’re back from a great vacation. Your phone gallery is loaded with pictures to swirl Instagram with your beauty and happiness. But some photos need better exposure, some would look better with a different filter. Or you want to collage some pictures. For others,  you’ll want to make a stunning video, adding music and more. But having a different app for each is so not worth it.  So, what is the solution?  

Look no further.  Here comes the savior. Inshot photo video editor.

What is Inshot?  

In short, Inshot is a multi-tasking editor that can take care of both your photo, audio, and video at the same time.  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  So let’s know more about the astonishing features.  

Photo editing

Inshot has a section on photo editing. Here you just need to choose the photo you want to edit from your gallery.  With that, loads of different options will appear on the screen. Like basic sharpness, color saturation, crop, resize screen ratio adjustment. Some advanced features like different filters, the addition of text, animation, effect, and opacity are also possible. 

Video editing: 

It gives a wide range of video editing tools.  You can trim and resize your video. Fix lighting issues with filter, adjust speed, and merge multiple.  Also, you can add background music or tune if you like. 

Merge it All: 

This is the star feature of Inshot. Here you can make a total package. Mostly if you are a social media person but your videos mostly don’t have a personal presence. You can make videos with having posters or photos as the banner.  It brings the audio, video, effect, background music altogether with just a few taps and no delay.  

How To Make a Complete Clip With Inshot: 

  1. Choose the poster or banner of the video. You can also edit the photo from the photo editing section.  
  2. Duplicate this photo as many times you need to match the video time you want. 
  3. Choose the pre-recorded audio from your storage. Or you also can record with Inshot. Add it with the photo.  
  4. If you want to set any specific background music, tap ” add audio ” again and choose from the library. But if you could not manage any, there is no reason to worry.  Inshot has got you covered.  They offer you a library full of music with different varieties and tastes. You can use them without any copyright strikes. 
  5. Adjust the volume of both original audio and background music by tapping the ” volume ” option. 

And you are ready to go.  Save it and it’s all yours.  

All these For Free? 

Well, there’s no free lunch anywhere. But the good news is, Inshot is providing most of its features for free.

But they have a premium service with better optimization and professional editing tools. Experiencing both, I’d say the paid version is worth it. But for a newbie or non-professional editors, the free version provides good enough support.

Why Would I Spend Bucks on It? 

Inshot premium comes with certain features you can’t ignore.  Such as: 

– 4k editing: if you are a YouTuber, this is a ravishing offer for you.

– No watermark.

–  On-screen Animation.

– Thousands of stickers and control tools are unlocked.

– All the features previously available

– Easy sharing.  

How Much Do I Need to Pay for Pro?

All these amazing features you get at a very limited price already. But still, Inshot takes care of your budget. You can avail of all the features at 3.49$ monthly or 11.99$ yearly.


In this era time is not our best friend. We need apps to beat the time, to make us faster.  Inshot provides a smooth, user-friendly interface with so many useful features it will easily get full marks on the critic. So, what are you even waiting for?  Get the app and start creating wonderful pieces of art.