FamiSafe:- The Best Phone Tracker to Secure Your Kids

Children are always exposed to risks wherever they are. At times, we even ignore some risks or think that they may not hurt them. There are a lot of hazards in the digital world where children are always on screens. Use of computers and smartphones is a good source of information but equally dangerous. 

There is a way out of every trap. For this case, using the most reliable parental control app; FamiSafe. This application is an ideal app for monitoring kids who are using smartphones. It has unique features to help you control the use of phones by your children. You will monitor their phone uses when online and offline. We have put together a FamiSafe review so that you understand it better.

The main reason why this application was created is to monitor phone usage by your kids. It’s easy to install and has handy features that make it useful to parents. The tool is not only meant to serve kids but couples can use it to regain trust on one another. It can be used to monitor anyone including friends, coworkers, and family. But the app was originally developed as a parental control app.

Read on to understand how you can protect your kids using the FamiSafe parental control app for Android and iPhone devices.

Features of FamiSafe.

This uniquely designed application helps parents to effectively monitor children. It has several useful features to ensure your kids are safe every minute.  These features are easy to use and access and some of them are discussed below. Read them to understand why FamiSafe parental control app.

1. It Shows You the Location of the User.

The best feature of the FamiSafe parental control app is the real-time location tracker. You will see the location of your child immediately you open the app. the current location appears as the app’s home page. This feature also shows you the battery percentage of your kid’s phone. The location tracker also offers a location history and hence you can see where they visited frequently. With the location tracker, you don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of your child.

You can also create a Geofence to mark an area that you consider safe for your children. Whenever, the kid walks out of the Geofence, you will receive a notification in your phone. It’s the location tracker that makes FamiSafe app the most popular among similar products.                                                                 

2. Schedule for Using the Device.

If you have this app on your phone, you can set specific times when your kid will use the phone. This is useful especially when your kids are using the phone during sleep time or study time. You can set the range as you wish because the kids cannot alter the settings from their end. Children should have enough time to sleep especially the school-going kids who need ample time in classes.     

Parents should consider the kid’s age and daily duties before deciding on the schedule hours. The scheduling feature makes this application extremely efficient.

3. Screen Time.

Sometimes children want to use their phones for long hours even without a rest. For this reason, FamiSafe parental control came to help parents turn off phone screen s after a specified period. This feature gives children adequate rest time after a long busy days. Screen time control feature also protects your children’s eyes because overusing screens can damage the eyes.

4. App Blocker.

Whenever you want your children to be safe on phones, limit the app usage by blocking apps that are addictive to your kid. This feature shows all installed and uninstalled applications. You can also unblock the same apps when need be. If the kid tries to open blocked apps, you will be notified on your phone.

The app blocker allows you to control the type of applications your children access and at what time!

FamiSafe control app also offers explicit content detection, content filtering, and activity report features among others.

Installing FamiSafe Parental Control App.

To use this application, you should download and install the app on both phones; your phone and the kid’s phone. Ensure you login using similar credentials. On the kid’s phone select the “kid” option and the “parent” option on your phone. 

How Much Does FamiSafe Cost.

After downloading the app, you have 3 days to use it and see its effectiveness. From there, you can choose the yearly subscription at $4.99/month, a three-month subscription at $6.66/month, or a monthly plan at $9.99. You can use several phones in the three plans with the monthly plan synchronizing only 5 devices and 30 devices for the annual subscription.


FamiSafe is the most trusted parental control app in the market. With the many effective features, we cannot dispute the quality of this application. If you are doing a market research for parental control software, then you should start your list with the FamiSafe parental control app. It’s fairly easy to use and will automatically help you to protect the kids.