Which is better ios or Android?

Ios and Android are the most popular user interface in the whole world. There is being a rivalry among the users of both teams in which is the best. Googles android and apple’s ios are the operating systems only meant for mobile devices. Both operating systems offer almost similar features and excellent user experience.

You should think twice before you switch from any operating system because you have to buy the apps for the other operating system in that case. Android is the most used operating system in the whole world, and ios are only exclusive for apple devices.


Both devices boot into the home screen, similar to the windows or macs. Android provides a more customizable UI then ios. Androids have the system call widgets that can enable users to float some kind of information such as clock weather music etc. on their home screen. Android also offers an app drawer to keep all the apps in one place. All apps are nicely ordered in the app drawer. Unlike the android interface, ios offer a straight forward UI. IOS doesn’t provide any app drawer, but in the home screen, all the apps are floating in ios. Ios also lacks in customization.

So in terms of customization, Android has the advantage.

Apps for both operating system

Both the operating system has a store to download apps and games. Both offer a large number of games and apps. In the 1st quarter of 2020, the number of apps stored in the Play store is 256000, and the amount of apps in the App store is 1847000. Both the number is enormous, you can find all the necessary day to day apps or games, and most of the popular apps and games are in both stores.

But in ios, you get the exclusive games and apps sooner than Android. Because developers can get a massive number of users if they just port the apps or games for a certain model of devices, on the other hand, Android has so many devices. So many companies make their Android and put different types of hardware. So it is challenging to optimize for all of them.

So you want a vast number of apps you can go with Android, and if you want to have optimized and exclusive apps in the first place, then you can go with IOS.


Speed is all that matters in better user experience. In terms of speed, in depends on the hardware and software. The hardware can give its optimal performance if it is not provided with optimized software.

I phone’s IOS is known for its good software and more stability. IOS is always more optimized for gaming or any day to day tasks. I phone fewer crashes than its competitor Android. Androids have been reported to crash several times after launching an app or playing games. But in IOS, the rate is minor and close to zero. With the same kind of hardware, the iPhone feels faster than Android.

So the iPhone is a clear winner in this round.

Software Update

Android updates are more frequent. But the problem of Android is all the android devise don’t get the same update because of their hardware and different types of UI screens

On the other hand, apple releases, fewer phones compare with Android. So they can maintain the update cycle better than Android

Both OS are pretty good, and they are more mature os then ever. We can’t go wrong with either of those. In the end, it all comes to personal preference and choice and use cases. We hope to see better software experience from both teams.